Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 41 - #41

Today we hung around the finca for most of the morning, me being lazy, Bonnie and William doing house/yard work and Ulrich doing his work. Oh, to be on holidays.... isn't quite as exciting when you're the only one! In the early afternoon we set out to Santa Sophia to hike to Angel's Pass.

Today's song is inspired by the number 41, the number of the day of my holiday and a great song, #41, by The Dave Mathews Band.

Come and see, I swear by now
I'm playing time against my troubles, oh...
Oh, I'm coming slow but speeding,
Do you wish a dance? And while I'm in the front,
The play on time is won,
Oh, but the difficulty's coming here.

I will go in the way, and find my own way out...
I won't tell you to be here, but it's coming to much more...

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