Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 19 - Summer In The City

Bruce and I started the day off with a great hike though Lynn Valley. The weather was warming up fast and I enjoyed my first day of full summer heat. I finally took off Aaron’s huge sweater and managed to even sprawl out on the rocks in the river to soak up some rays in just shorts and a t-shirt. We also checked out the Lynn Cannon suspension bridge and then took a scenic route back into the city. People were OUT! The beaches were packed with sunbathers, kids, hacky-sackers and volleyball players. The streets were jammed with runners, bikers, bladders, boarders and strollers. What a great place in the summer time!

The song that most comes to mind for this day of increasing temperatures and people on the streets with summer enthusiasm is The Lovin' Spoonful's Summer in the City. A Summer Soundtrack just wouldn't be complete without it!

For dinner B & B decided on a great waterfront spot near False Creek. While waiting for a table I noticed  2 old friends, Lindsey and Andy, from Calvin Park (junior high!) in Kingston also waiting for a table. They live in Vancouver now and are engaged. Funny thing was that Lindsey had written on my FaceBook wall the day before, wishing me a happy birthday and mentioning that we should get together if I had extra time in Vancouver.  I knew that I wasn’t going to have any extra time, had thought about her a couple of times and planned to write her that evening. And there they were, in the same restaurant and the exact same time as us - crazy. We ended up being sat at tables beside each other on the patio and had a nice visit after all What a small world it is! 

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  1. Hi honey, Thanks for the good read while I sit at the Seoul airport. Even though I was there for some of it, it was great to read and listen to your music. I'm very impressed you are keeping up!