About This Blog

This will be a compilation of stories of my summer holiday in 2010. After a very unsuccessful year of personal blogging in 2009-2010, I am recharged and inspired to write.

With a travel itinerary full of special places and many important people to see over 8 weeks, I plan to write every day. Sometimes I will not be online and the recounts and reflections will come in spurts, but when I can, I will be able to publish daily episodes.

My life is so inspired by music. I'm always in awe of how quickly a song or a beat can set the mood or change the mood. This summer I plan to appreciate and share my enthusiasm about music as much as possible. I also want to explore new music and create a summer soundtrack filled with music that is both important and valuable to me and to the world. In this summer blog, the post titles will all be inspired by songs that I know and/or love and/or think are important for some reason. They might be songs that were in my head all day that day, symbolic representations of events, current hits or just songs that seem fit the occasion perfectly.

I hope you enjoy the stories and the songs (make sure you click on all the links to find the songs and/or other goodies!).