Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 21 - 1234

I woke up in Burlington after a solid night's sleep and absolutely no symptoms of jet-lag. I was slightly amazed, but not surprised, by my body's ability to switch seamlessly into vacation mode after leaving Hong Kong. Work there, relax here. My brain and my body seemed to be obeying these commands and had become nicely adaptable and flexible to changes in what are more often routines, like bedtimes, meal times and duration of sleeps.

Lianne, Bridgette, Ethan, Rita, Nana and I took a fun trip on the GO train into Toronto to have lunch at the CN Tower. Here, I first ran into Mike Luciani, a teacher from CDNIS, with his family. Then after a scrumptious and entertaining lunch (the view of planes landing on Toronto Island was pretty cool) we ran into John D-Arcy, another CDNIS teacher. This made three fairly significant coincidences of people, time and place (within 48 hours). I joked that one more and I might need to hire and existential detective.

After lunch at the 360 restaurant, checking out the observatory and jumping on the glass floor, we headed over to Ontario Place for some afternoon fun in the sun. I should mention that I arrived in Ontario into the tail end of a major heat wave. It was muggy, sticky, soggy and stifling and I was in pure heaven! We played on the water slides and in the water park with the kids and then saw an iMax movie called Wild Ocean. With everyone happily exhausted we took a late train back to Burlington.

Today's song, 1234, is by a talented and beautiful Canadian artist, Feist. There is also a fun Sesame Street version. Check it out.

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