Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 18 - They Say It's Your Birthday!

Aaron went to work and I needed to return the rental car, so Bruce and Barb kindly offered to meet me at the closest Budget outlet. Turns out it was only for trucks and I needed to go even further out of our way into the heart of downtown to return the car. Frustrating! Then, after an hour of complications, a trip to the gas station, another misunderstanding and changes to my bill, we sorted out the final cost and left. It was $175 more than I expected. Not only was I disturbed by the sneakiness of the hidden charges, added fees and the lack of transparency at the time of rental, but I also wasted more than an hour of my time, plus B & B’s time, to sort it all out. Lesson learned = never rent from Budget!

The day got better with a great lunch on Granville Island, a bit of shopping for me at MEC, and a gorgeous dinner right on Kitsilano Beach at the Boat House. Finished with an ice-cream pie and lovely birthday wishes, I was happy to be in the company of great people on my birthday.

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