Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 10 - The Wind

We woke up late and were pleasantly surprised to see the rain had tapered off, some bands of blue sky were thinning out the dark and heavy clouds which were still hanging low over the town on GyeongJu. After breakfast we walked to the grocery store and continued on the bus station to locate the bus that would take us up the mountain road for a hike. After an afternoon walk up to the big stone carved Buddha, the temple, the peak lookout and along the ridge, Ulrich and I ended up at a small park where we found a bus back to meet the others. We all managed to get ourselves organized and onto on the 5pm bus back to JinJu City.

Today made me think of Cat Stevens' song        The Wind. I've listened to Cat Stevens my entire life and always find that there's a song by him which fits with almost any occasion.  Just a week ago when we were in Seoul, I titled a blog entry with Where do the Children Play, which was one of my first Cat Stevens favorites when I was a kid. In my teenage years I couldn't get enough of Father & Son which connects me to fond memories of RKY camp and Moonshadow, which will always make me think of my dear friend Alyssa. As an adult I have had an awesome love affair with Oh Very Young and Peace Train. There are so many more too! Cat Stevens is just wonderful.

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