Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 1 - Late for the Sky

After a very emotional week of moving out of my little SoHo den (a place that has been monumentally comforting to me during my solo experiences for the past 2 years), moving classrooms, pushing little Eagle chicks out of the nest and saying both permanent and temporary goodbyes to many people, I was off to HK International Airport to start my summer holiday. No, I wasn't late for my flight, as the Jackson Browne title may suggest, but if you know the song then you might understand the reference to important conversations and times in your life when things are about to change.

Around 3:15 I boarded a Thai Airways flight to Seoul where Bonnie and Rohana were en route to pick me up. I arrived with memories of my first time landing at Incheon Airport, 8 days more than 2 years ago exactly. That was my first taste of Aisa and the beginning of a huge transition in my life.

After a quick bite to eat at the airport we bussed into the city to a small hotel on the south side of the river in Gangnam. Christine and Jonathan had left JinJu after work and would arrive within a few hours.

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